Our Apps

  1. PocketTractor: This app uses the smartphone camera as a protractor. Available on Android.

  2. Camscale: This app uses a smartphone to measure an object with respect to another. This app is most useful for measuring objects with a relative scale bar, such as maps, graphs, and SEM photographs. Available on iOS.

  3. The AEDSpotter: This app helps keep track of AEDs in the community for quick and easy access. I made this app for Racing Hearts, a nonprofit organization founded by Stephanie Martinson. Available on iOS and Android.

  4. The TBN Notifier: I made this app for my high school’s television broadcast network to increase interest and engagement via mobile devices. Available on iOS and Android.

  5. TrigHelper takes the pain out of trigonometry by assigning a picture to all those numbers, a relief to me and my peers struggling with triangles. Available on iOS.

  6. PocketConverter is a tool that lets the user convert between many different lengths, masses, volumes and temperatures. Available on iOS.

  7. FinishMyHome is a great way for contractors to keep track of progress on a project. I made it for my 7th grade water polo coach, who is also a contractor. Available on iOS.

  8. PPAD provides Palo Alto specific emergency information on the go for anyone who needs it. This would be helpful in a disaster, when network systems are down. This was my first community-based app. Available on iOS.

  9. Space Dodgers is a fun game where you pilot a spaceship through the dangerous asteroid belt. Available on iOS.

  10. iTot is a tool for parents to teach their child the colors of the rainbow. This was my first app, at the age of 11. Available on iOS.